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The Latest NEWS from Bull Mountain Massage

  • Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii 2005
  • Sarah participated in both the 2004 & 2005 IRONMAN TRIATHLON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii as a member of the World's Largest Massage Team, sponsored by The Hawaiian Islands School of Masage. There she took intensive classes in Sports Massage and Techniques for common problems with athletes. Both the Ironman and the classes were inspiring events. Having passion for physical fitmes, Sarah loves working with dedicated athletes and hopes to one day do a marathon herself.

  • Annual Ladies Spa Day 2006
  • Sarah sponsors an Annual Ladies Spa Day, and she is available to you to create your very own Ladies Spa Day. If you and some friends would like to get together and be pampered give Sarah a call and she can explain how you can enjoy and relax in your home with your own special Ladies Spa Day. What a great idea for brides to be or busy moms who need some "mommy time"!